Jumat, 23 Maret 2012

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2010


yap, tomorrow morning we (me and lambok sinaga, my dearest) will be back to jogja(yay!). yes, jogja. it'll be my second homecoming after 6 months stays in JKT. do i miss this place? without any doubt.

Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

i know i miss this place

will be back real soon..

jogja shoutern beaach
Holga GFn + Kodak T Max 100 + DIY red filter

Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

and you gotta met her, dear elisabeth!

okey, now it's time for me to introduce our idol. her name is Elizabeth, but i used to call her lizzie...
She's holga GFN, i bought her in an online store.. she has been accompanying me for more than 2 years and we are a great couple! though i'm not really satisfied with her result, though i had bored with her for so many times.. though i several time try to sell her...
but the more i want to sell her, the more i dont wanna loose her..
ahh, still, I want to buy holga GN!!! :p

Minggu, 07 Juni 2009